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Advanced Search Tips

Journal Articles / Book Chapters

The default search covers both journals and books content. To search only within journals or a single journal, select the option to ‘Search for Journal Articles’. Separate search options are also available for book chapters.

Full Text / Keyword

Search phrase entered in this field will run a search across the full text of journals and books. The different search fields allow more complex searches to be run. Boolean Operators AND, OR and NOT (in capitals only) can be used while searching in the ‘with all of the words’ field. You can also use ‘+’ (AND operator) and ‘–‘ (NOT operator).

Search within Reference Section

The default search does not search within the Reference Section of articles. To include reference sections in a search, select to ‘Include Reference’.

Authors / Editors

Family Name = Surname. Given Name = First Name. You can include additional people using the “Add Author” link and the OR operator will be added between these names.

Article / Chapter Title

Within a search of titles, Boolean Operators AND, OR and NOT (in capitals only) can be used. You can also use ‘+’ (AND operator) and ‘–‘ (NOT operator).

Publication Date

The default is to search across all dates from 1841. To search for a date range choose the ‘Select Date’ option. There are two ways to specify a date range: within the last X months/weeks/years or by specifying start and end dates.