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Issue 44, 2008
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Cationic rare-earth metal SALEN complexes

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Complexes (SalprentBu,tBu)Y[N(SiHMe2)2](thf) and (SALENtBu,tBu)La[N(SiHMe2)2](thf) (SALENtBu,tBu = SalcyctBu,tBu and SalprentBu,tBu) were prepared from Ln[N(SiHMe2)2]3(thf)2 and H2SALENtBu,tBu. The yttrium complex was characterized by X-ray crystallography revealing intrinsic solid-state structural features: the metal centre is displaced by 1.05 Å from the [N2O2] least squares plane of a highly bent SalprentBu,tBu ligand (∠(Ph,Ph) dihedral angle of 80.4(1)°) and is coordinated asymmetrically by the silylamide ligand exhibiting one significant Y[dash dash, graph caption](HSi) β-agostic interaction (Y–N1–Si1, 106.90(9)°; Y[dash dash, graph caption]Si1, 3.2317(6) Å). Complexes (SALENtBu,tBu)Ln[N(SiHMe2)2](thf)n (n = 1, Sc; n = 2, Y, La) react with ammonium tetraphenylborate to form the ion pairs [(SALENtBu,tBu)Ln(thf)n][BPh4]. The cationisation was proven by X-ray crystal structure analyses of [(SalprentBu,tBu)Sc(thf)2][B(C6H5)4]·2(thf) and [(SalprentBu,tBu)Ln(thf)3][B(C6H5)4]·4(thf) (Ln = Y, La), showing an octahedral and pentagonal-bipyramidal coordination geometry, respectively.

Graphical abstract: Cationic rare-earth metal SALEN complexes

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23 May 2008
04 Aug 2008
First published
01 Oct 2008

Dalton Trans., 2008, 6170-6178
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Cationic rare-earth metal SALEN complexes

Q. Liu, C. Meermann, H. W. Görlitzer, O. Runte, E. Herdtweck, P. Sirsch, K. W. Törnroos and R. Anwander, Dalton Trans., 2008, 6170
DOI: 10.1039/B808781D

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