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Issue 15, 2003
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Applications of manganocene in the synthesis of Mn(ii) amide and imide cages

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The reactions of manganocene, Cp2Mn (Cp = C5H5), with 2-aminopyrimidines give similar, octameric amido/imido cage complexes of general formulae [{CpMnNHR}{MnNR}]4 [R = 4,6-Me2pm (1a), 4-MeO-6-Mepm (1b), 4,6-(MeO)2pm (1c); pm = pyrimidinyl]. The structures of these complexes can be visualised as being composed of central Mn4N4 imido cubane units that are coordinated at their peripheries by four [CpMnNHpm] monomers. In contrast, less acidic 2-aminopyridine (2-NH2py) and 8-aminoquinoline (8-NH2quin) are only singly deprotonated under similar conditions, giving the unusual hexanuclear amido complex [Cp2Mn3(NHpy)4]2 (2) and the dimer [CpMn(μ-8-HNquin)]2 (3). N,N′-Dibenzylethylenediamine [(BnNHCH2)2] only forms the simple adduct [(η1-Cp)(η5-Cp)Mn{(BnNHCH2)2}] (4) (Bn = CH2Ph) with Cp2Mn, in which no deprotonation of the organic acid has occurred. The X-ray structures of the new complexes 1b–c, 3 and 4 are reported (1a and 2 having been communicated previously).

Graphical abstract: Applications of manganocene in the synthesis of Mn(ii) amide and imide cages

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03 Apr 2003
06 Jun 2003
First published
26 Jun 2003

Dalton Trans., 2003, 3002-3008
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Applications of manganocene in the synthesis of Mn(II) amide and imide cages

C. Soria Alvarez, A. Bashall, A. D. Bond, D. Cave, E. A. Harron, R. A. Layfield, M. E. G. Mosquera, M. McPartlin, J. M. Rawson, P. T. Wood and D. S. Wright, Dalton Trans., 2003, 3002
DOI: 10.1039/B303727B

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