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Issue 6, 2012
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Bulk or surface grafted silylated Ru(ii) complexes on silica as luminescent nanomaterials

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A series of Ru(II) complexes with monosilylated-dipyridine ligand have been synthesized and fully characterized and were then covalently attached to silica nanoparticles. Two types of hybrids were obtained depending on the experimental procedure. In the first approach, metal complexes were incorporated inside the silica nanoparticles leaving a free hydroxylated silica surface for further functionalization. These silica based nanohybrids are similar to the well known nanoparticles encapsulating [Ru(bpy)3]2+ complexes preventing the release of the dye when used in aqueous or organic solutions. Size and luminescence properties vary throughout the series of metal complexes. The second approach leads to ruthenium(II) complexes covalently attached to the silica nanoparticle surface via hydrolysis and condensation of the ethoxysilyl group with silanol sites of Ludox type silica nanoparticles. This leads to the grafting of a monolayer for complexes with the monoethoxysilyl dipyridine ligand. In contrast, the complexes with triethoxysilyl ligands can lead to small amounts of oligomers, but their quantity is limited by the sterical constraints imposed by the molecular structure. The size of the hybrids depends on the starting particles. 29Si and 13C solid state NMR are used to characterize silica surface properties whereas TEM and SEM confirm nanosize and morphology of the hybrids. The complexes and the nanohybrids are luminescent, with variations for ruthenium(II) complexes that are covalently incorporated or grafted on the silica surface.

Graphical abstract: Bulk or surface grafted silylated Ru(ii) complexes on silica as luminescent nanomaterials

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Article information

14 Dec 2011
08 Mar 2012
First published
26 Mar 2012

New J. Chem., 2012,36, 1355-1367
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Bulk or surface grafted silylated Ru(II) complexes on silica as luminescent nanomaterials

S. Cousinié, L. Mauline, M. Gressier, S. R. Kandibanda, L. Datas, C. Reber and M. Menu, New J. Chem., 2012, 36, 1355
DOI: 10.1039/C2NJ21042H

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