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Issue 47, 2011
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Bis(imidate)palladium(ii) complexes with labile ligands. Mimics of classical precursors?

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A novel synthetic route to prepare palladium(II) precursor analogous of classical [Pd(Cl)2(solvent)2] has been developed. Just stirring Pd3(AcO)6 in dimethyl sulfide at room temperature, in the stoichiometric presence of protic imidate ligands, resulted in the precipitation of the desired complexes [Pd(imidate)2(SMe2)2] (imidate = succinimidate (succ) 1, phthalimidate (phthal) 2, maleimidate (mal) 3, saccharinate (sac) 4 or glutarimidate (glut) 5). The new complexes are very soluble in common solvents and have been fully characterized, including an X-ray diffraction analysis of 2. Analogous reactions with succinimide in acetonitrile or dimethylsulfoxide produced [Pd(succinimidate)2(solvent)2] (6 and 7, respectively) as off-white powders. Thermal decomposition of 6 produces a new species 6* with bridging imidate ligands that can be formulated as a trimer similar to Pd3(AcO)6. The usefulness of 1–5 as precursors has been tested by reactions against monodentated neutral donor ligands, PPh3 (a compounds), or pyridine (py, b compounds), to produce ten new derivatives of the general formula trans-[Pd(imidate)2(L)2]. The single-crystal structures of compounds 2a, 3a, 4a, 4a′, 5a and 4b have also been established, allowing an interesting molecular and supramolecular structural discussion. A cis-conformation was induced when the bidentate chelate ligand 1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)benzene (dppb, c compounds) was made to react with 1–5. Structural characterization by X-ray diffraction of complex 2c confirmed the proposed formula. Catalytic activity in Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl bromides and benzyl bromides with aryl boronic acids has been tested.

Graphical abstract: Bis(imidate)palladium(ii) complexes with labile ligands. Mimics of classical precursors?

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14 Mar 2011
04 May 2011
First published
27 Jun 2011

Dalton Trans., 2011,40, 12676-12689
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Bis(imidate)palladium(II) complexes with labile ligands. Mimics of classical precursors?

G. Sánchez, J. García, M. Martínez, A. R. Kapdi, J. Pérez, L. García and J. Luis Serrano, Dalton Trans., 2011, 40, 12676
DOI: 10.1039/C1DT10426H

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