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Correction: Preparation of Mo nanopowders through electroreduction of solid MoS2 in molten KCl–NaCl

Haiping Gao a, Mingsheng Tan a, Liangbin Rong a, Zhiyong Wang a, Junjun Peng a, Xianbo Jin *a and George Z. Chen ab
aCollege of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan, 430072, P. R. China
bDepartment of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and Energy and Sustainability Research Division, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RD, UK. E-mail:; Fax: +86 27 68756319; Tel: +86 27 68756319

Received 2nd June 2017 , Accepted 2nd June 2017

First published on 13th June 2017

Correction for ‘Preparation of Mo nanopowders through electroreduction of solid MoS2 in molten KCl–NaCl’ by Haiping Gao et al., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2014, 16, 19514–19521.

The authors would like to replace Fig. 4 in their article with the amended version shown below to correct an error in the published version.
image file: c7cp90125a-f1.tif
Fig. 1 XRD patterns of the products obtained by potentiostatic electrolysis of the MoS2 pellets at the indicated potentials for different times (700 °C NaCl–KCl melt). Each MoS2 pellet was 0.3 g except the −0.95 V one, which was 1.45 g.

This change does not affect the discussion or conclusions in the article.

The Royal Society of Chemistry apologises for these errors and any consequent inconvenience to authors and readers.

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