Database introduction

MarinLit is a database dedicated to marine natural products research. The database was established in the 1970s by Professors John Blunt and Murray Munro at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. It was designed as an in-house system to fulfil the needs of the University of Canterbury Marine Group and has evolved to contain unique searchable features and powerful dereplication tools. The extremely comprehensive range of data contained along with these powerful features makes MarinLit the database of choice for marine natural products researchers.


Comprehensive coverage of marine natural products in journal articles, including new and revised compounds, synthesis, ecology and biological activities.

Information MarinLit provides

MarinLit is text and structure searchable. Queries can be built across a number of fields and parameters. Along with comprehensive information on relevant published articles and compounds, MarinLit provides dereplication tools based on experimental and predicted data.

Article records

Full bibliographic data for each article indexed

Keywords, including source organism, biological activity, structural classes and relevant experimental details

Trivial names of all compounds in the article

Links to related articles, including structural revisions

Collection site data

Full taxonomy of producing organism

Compound records

Name (including any synonyms)

Chemical structure

Compound properties, including exact mass, molecular formula, UV λmax and log Ɛ,

Systematic name, InChI and InChIKey

Calculated 13C and 1H NMR shifts and HSQC/DEPT provided by ACD/Labs

1H NMR structural features

Cross referenced with binding data in BindingDB


Searching possible on any combination of:


NMR structural features

Calculated 13C and 1H NMR shift data

Exact mass, chemical formula, UV λmax and log Ɛ

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