Methods in Organic Synthesis was discontinued in 2014 and replaced by Synthetic Reaction Updates. The historical content of Methods in Organic Synthesis is available to Synthetic Reaction Updates subscribers.
Each monthly issue of Methods in Organic Synthesis contained around 200 graphical abstracts selected from key journals in the field, covering all areas of synthetic chemistry including new reactions and reagents, asymmetric synthesis, and enzymatic transformations. The online database is fully searchable and indexed by reaction type, reactant, product, reagent, journal and author.

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Direct synthesis of polysubstituted 2-aminothiophenes by Cu(ii)-catalyzed addition/oxidative cyclization of alkynoates with thioamides

L.-S. Ge, Z.-L. Wang, X.-L. An, X. Luo and W.-P. Deng

An efficient route to synthesize isatins by metal-free, iodine-catalyzed sequential C(sp3)–H oxidation and intramolecular C–N bond formation of 2′-aminoacetophenones

V. Rajeshkumar, S. Chandrasekar and G. Sekar

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