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Functionalized acupuncture needle as a SERS-active platform for rapid and sensitive...

Pan Li, Meihong Ge, Dongyue Lin, Liangbao Yang

Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2019, 411, 5669 - 5679

Full text:

Quantitative monitoring of a panel of stress-induced biomarkers in human plasma by liquid ...

HuaLin Cai, Ting Cao, NaNa Li, PingFei Fang, Ping Xu, XiangXin Wu, BiKui Zhang, DaXiong Xiang

Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2019, 411, 5765 - 5777

Full text:

Profiling protein–protein interactions of single cancer cells with in situ lysis and...

Ji Young Ryu, Jihye Kim, Min Ju Shon, Jiashu Sun, Xingyu Jiang, Wonhee Lee, Tae-Young Yoon

Lab Chip, 2019, 19, 1922 - 1928

Full text:

Fluorescent probe based on carbon dots/silica/molecularly imprinted polymer for lysozyme...

Mengyao Fang, Kelei Zhuo, Yujuan Chen, Yajing Zhao, Guangyue Bai, Jianji Wang

Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2019, 411, 5799 - 5807

Full text:

Simple, rapid, sensitive, selective and label-free lincomycin detection by using HAuCl4...

Yumin Leng, Fang Hu, Chunhua Ma, Chenxi Du, Linfeng Ma, Jiao Xu, Qiyuan Lin, Zhipei Sang, Zhiwen Lu

RSC Adv., 2019, 9, 28248 - 28252

Full text:

Screening of multi-class antibiotics in pork meat by LC-Orbitrap-MS with modified...

Qing Chen, Xiao-Dong Pan, Bai-Fen Huang, Jian-Long Han, Biao Zhou

RSC Adv., 2019, 9, 28119 - 28125

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