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Keywords: cytarabine OR 147-94-4 OR AraC OR ara-C OR Citozar OR Cytarbel OR DepoCyte OR CYTOSAR-U OR HA5425000 OR Ara-Cytidine OR ara-Cytosine OR Depocyt (TN) OR Arabinoside C OR Arabinocytidine OR Arabinocytosine OR Arabinosylcytosine OR Cytosine Arabinoside OR b-Cytosine Arabinoside OR 1-b-D-Arabinosylcytosine OR Cytosine b-D-arabinoside OR Beta-cytosine arabinoside OR (Arabinofuranosyl)cytosine OR Cytosine-beta -arabinoside OR .beta.-Cytosine arabinoside OR 1-b-Arabinofuranosylcytosine OR 1-b-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine OR Cytosine b-D-arabinofuranoside OR Cytosine-1-b-arabinofuranoside OR 1-(b-D-Arabinofuranosyl)cytosine OR Cytosine-1-b-D-arabinofuranoside OR (beta-D-Arabinofuranosyl)cytosine OR Cytosine beta-D-arabinofuranoside OR Cytosine-1-beta-arabinofuranoside OR 1-.beta.-D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine OR Cytosine, 1-.beta.-D-arabinofuranosyl- OR 1-b-D-Arabinofuranosyl-4-amino-2(1H)pyrimidinone OR 4-Amino-1-b-D-arabinofuranosyl-2(1H)-pyrimidinone
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