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Keywords: Sphingosine OR 123-78-4 OR 0Y6SVQ612Q OR NGZ37HRE42 OR 4-Sphingenine OR D-Sphingosine OR sphing-4-enine OR DErySphingosine OR UNII:0Y6SVQ612Q OR (4E)-sphingenine OR (4E)-sphing-4-enine OR 4-trans-Sphingenine OR Sphingosine (d18:1) OR trans-4-sphingenine OR D-erythrosphingosine OR D-erythro-sphingosine OR erythro-4-Sphingenine OR Sphingosine, D-erythro OR (-)-D-erythro-Sphingosine OR (−)-D-erythro-Sphingosine OR 2S-amino-4E-octadecene-1,3R-diol OR (4E)-2-Aminooctadec-4-ene-1,3-diol OR (2S,3R,4E)-2-Amino-4-octadecene-1,3-diol OR (2S,3R,4E)-2-Aminooctadec-4-ene-1,3-diol OR 4-Octadecene-1,3-diol, 2-amino-, (2S,3R,4E)- OR trans-D-erythro-2-Amino-4-octadecene-1,3-diol
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