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Keywords: Fructose OR 57-48-7 OR 470-23-5 OR 53188-23-1 OR Levugen OR Furucton OR Laevoral OR Laevosan OR D-Fructose OR D-Levulose OR Fruit sugar OR b-D-Fructose OR Fructosteril OR beta-Levulose OR D(-)-Fructose OR D-(-)-Fructose OR delta-Fructose OR beta-D-Fructose OR beta-Fruit sugar OR D-fructofuranose OR .beta.-d-Fructose OR Beta-delta-fructose OR β-D-Fructofuranose OR beta-D-Fructofuranose OR beta-D-arabino-Hexulose OR Fructose, furanose form
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