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Keywords: Dexamethasone OR 50-02-2 OR TU3980000 OR Dexamonozon OR Aphthasolone OR Dexamethasonum OR Prednisolone F OR Dexamethasone Base OR 16a-Methyl-9a-fluoroprednisolone OR 9a-Fluoro-16a-methylprednisolone OR 16a-Methyl-9a-fluoro-D1-hydrocortisone OR 9ALPHA-FLUORO-16ALPHA-METHYLPREDNISOLONE OR 16.alpha.-Methyl-9.alpha.-fluoroprednisolone OR 1-Dehydro-16a-methyl-9a-fluorohydrocortisone OR 9.alpha.-Fluoro-16.alpha.-methylprednisolone
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