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Keywords: Citrulline OR 372-75-8 OR L-Citrulline OR beta-Lactic acid OR Nd-Carbamylornithine OR .delta.-Ureidonorvaline OR L-citrulline zwitterion OR L-N5-carbamoyl-Ornithine OR N.delta.-Carbamylornithine OR N~5~-Carbamoyl-L-ornithine OR a-Amino-d-ureidovaleric Acid OR L-2-Amino-5-ureidovaleric acid OR N5-(Aminocarbonyl)-L-ornithine OR L-Ornithine, N5- (aminocarbonyl)- OR (S)-2-Amino-5-ureidopentanoic acid OR L-Ornithine, N~5~-(aminocarbonyl)- OR L-Ornithine, N~5~-(hydroxyiminomethyl)- OR N~5~-[Hydroxy(imino)methyl]-L-ornithine
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