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Keywords: 538-51-2 OR 1750-36-3 OR BENZALANILINE OR N-Benzalaniline OR Benzaldehyde anil OR Benzylideneaniline OR N-benzylideneaniline OR N-Phenylbenzaldimine OR Aniline, N-benzylidene- OR (E)-N-Benzylideneaniline OR Phenyl(benzylidene)amine OR Benzaldehyde N-phenylimine OR N-Phenylbenzenemethanimine OR (E)-N,1-Diphenylmethanimine OR N-(Phenylmethylene)benzenamine OR N-[(E)-Phenylmethylene]aniline OR N-[(1E)-phenylmethylene]aniline OR Benzenamine, N-(phenylmethylene)- OR Benzenamine, N- (phenylmethylene)- OR Benzenamine, N-[(1E)-phenylmethylene]-
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