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Keywords: 1142-20-7 OR Z-Ala-OH OR Z-L-Alanine OR Cbz-L-Ala-OH OR CBZ-L-Alanine OR N-Cbz-D-alanine OR N-Cbz-l-alanine OR Carbobenzoxy-L-alanine OR CARBOBENZYLOXY-L-ALANINE OR N-Carbobenzoxy-L-alanine OR N-Carbobenzyloxy-L-alanine OR Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-alanine OR N-[(Benzyloxy)carbonyl]-L-alanine OR L-Alanine, N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]- OR DL-Alanine, N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]- OR N-BENZYLOXYCARBONYL-L-SERINE-BETALACTONE OR (2S)-2-{[(benzyloxy)carbonyl]amino}propanoic acid
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