Targets in Heterocyclic Systems: Volume 13 Editors: Orazio A Attanasi, Domenico Spinelli

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Volume 13 (2009) keeps the international standard of the THS series and contains twelve chapters, covering the synthesis, reactivity and activity (including medicinal) of different heterorings. Written by contributing authors from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Switzerland, the volume facilitates a valuable international perspective on Heterocyclic derivatives and their consequential role in organic chemistry in the construction of more complicated molecules. Volume 13 (2009) will be welcomed by researchers and industrialists with an interest in the synthesis, reactivity, activity (including medicinal) and mass spectrometry of different heterorings.

Book content

  • The N-C=O interaction: a weak bond with attractive properties for the deliberate exploitation in medicinal and supramolecular chemistry
  • Multicomponent reactions involving heterocylic surrogates of oxocarbenium and iminium ions
  • Synthesis and chemistry of 3 (2H) - furanones
  • Ethynilation of pyrrole nucleus with haloacetylenes on active surfaces
  • Access to spirocyclic piperidines, important building blocks in medicinal chemistry
  • Most relevent recent enantioselective synthesis of pyrrolidenes and piperidines
  • Synthesis of pyridines by [2+2+2]- cyclotrimerization of alkynes with nitriles
  • Recent developments in the synthesis of dihydropyridines (DHPs)
  • C2-Functionalized furans as dienes in [4+3] cycloaddition reactions
  • Methods for the sythesis of rhazinilam and its analogues
  • Metal-catalysis electrophilic cyclzation reactions in the synthesis of heterocycles
  • Stereoselective synthesis of optically active pyridyl alcohols. Part I: pyridyl sec-alcohols

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27 Jul 2010
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