Cell Surface Engineering: Fabrication of Functional Nanoshells Editors: Rawil Fakhrullin, Insung Choi, Yuri Lvov

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23 Jul 2014
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About this book

Cell surface engineering is an emerging field concerning cell surface modifications to enhance its functionalities. The book introduces the reader to the area of surface-functionalized cells and summarizes recent developments in the area including fabrication, characterization, applications and nanotoxicity.

Topics covered include recent approaches for the functionalization of cells with nanomaterials (polymer nanofilms and nanoparticles), fabrication of functional biomimetic devices and assemblies based on nanoparticle-modified microbial cells and artificial spores (the bioinspired encapsulation of living cells with inorganic nanoshells).

The book provides an interdisciplinary approach to the topic with authors from both biological and chemical backgrounds. This multidisciplinary view makes the book suitable for those interested in biomaterials, biochemistry, microbiology and colloid chemistry, providing both an introduction for postgraduate students as well as a comprehensive summary for those already working in the area. biomaterials, biochemistry, microbiology and colloid chemistry.

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