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Book cover

Tutorials in Molecular Reaction Dynamics Editors: Mark Brouard, Claire Vallance

About this book

The focus of this excellent textbook is the topic of molecular reaction dynamics. The chapters are all written by internationally recognised researchers and, from the outset, the contributors are writing with the young scientist in mind. The easy to use, stand-alone, chapters make it of value to students, teachers, and researchers alike. Subjects covered range from the more traditional topics, such as potential energy surfaces, to more advanced and rapidly developing areas, such as femtochemistry and coherent control. The coverage of reaction dynamics is very broad, so many students studying chemical physics will find elements of this text interesting and useful. Tutorials in Molecular Reaction Dynamics includes extensive references to more advanced texts and research papers, and a series of 'Study Boxes' help readers grapple with the more difficult concepts. Each chapter is thoroughly cross-referenced, helping the reader to link concepts from different branches of the subject. Worked problems are included, and each chapter concludes with a selection of problems designed to test understanding of the subjects covered. Supplementary reading material, and worked solutions to the problems, are contained on a secure website.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • Potential energy surfaces: the forces of chemistry
  • Scattering theory: predicting the outcome of chemical events
  • Processes involving multiple potential energy surfaces
  • Inelastic scattering: energy transfer in collisions
  • Reactive scattering: reactions in three dimensions
  • Reactive scattering: quantum state-resolved chemistry
  • Photodissociation dynamics: the fragmentation of molecules by light
  • Stereodynamics: the role of orientation and alignment in chemistry
  • Surface scattering: molecular collisions at interfaces
  • Femtochemistry and the control of chemical reactivity
  • Cold collisions: chemistry at ultra low temperatures
  • Study boxes
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Publication details

Print publication date
02 Dec 2011
Copyright year
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Author information

Mark Brouard is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. He has 20 years experience of research in the field, with around 90 publications, including a textbook on Reaction Dynamics, to his name. His research involves studying the mechanisms of elementary chemical processes in the gas phase, with a view to understanding these processes at a fundamental level. He has been invited to speak on this subject at numerous international conferences. Claire Vallance is based in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. She has more than ten years research experience in molecular reactions dynamics and has authored around 40 refereed publications in the area. Her current research interests focus on the dynamics of biomolecular reactions; angular momentum alignment and orientation in the products of molecular photodissociation; cavity ringdown techniques; whispering gallery modes in dielectric microspheres and optical fibres for chemical applications and supercontinuum light sources for spectroscopy.