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This series provides a broad foundation in chemistry, introducing its fundamental ideas, principles and techniques, and also demonstrating the central role of chemistry in science and the importance of a molecular approach in biology and the Earth sciences. Each title is attractively presented and illustrated in full colour.

The Molecular World aims to develop an integrated approach, with major themes and concepts in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, set in the context of chemistry as a whole. The examples given illustrate both the application of chemistry in the natural world and its importance in industry. Case studies, written by acknowledged experts in the field, are used to show how chemistry impinges on topics of social and scientific interest, such as polymers, batteries, catalysis, liquid crystals and forensic science. Interactive multimedia CD-ROMs are included throughout, covering a range of topics such as molecular structures, reaction sequences, spectra and molecular modelling. Electronic questions facilitating revision/consolidation are also used.

The series has been devised as the course material for the Open University Course S205 The Molecular World. Details of this and other Open University courses can be obtained from the address below.

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The Molecular World

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  • Molecular Modelling and Bonding 978-0-85404-675-1
  • The Third Dimension 978-0-85404-660-7
  • Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism 978-0-85404-670-6
  • Separation, Purification and Identification 978-0-85404-685-0
  • Alkenes and Aromatics 978-0-85404-680-5
  • Mechanism and Synthesis 978-0-85404-695-9
  • Metals and Chemical Change 978-0-85404-665-2
  • Elements of the p-Block 978-0-85404-690-4
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18 Jul 2002
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