Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry: Edition 3 Editors: E Richard Cohen, Tom Cvitas, Jeremy G Frey, Bertil Holström, Kozo Kuchitsu, Roberto Marquardt, Ian Mills, Franco Pavese, Martin Quack, Jüergen Stohner, Herbert L Strauss, Michio Takami, Anders J Thor

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02 Aug 2007
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The first IUPAC Manual of Symbols and Terminology for Physicochemical Quantities and Units (the Green Book) of which this is the direct successor, was published in 1969, with the object of 'securing clarity and precision, and wider agreement in the use of symbols, by chemists in different countries, among physicists, chemists and engineers, and by editors of scientific journals'. Subsequent revisions have taken account of many developments in the field, culminating in the major extension and revision represented by the 1988 edition under the simplified title Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry. This 2007, Third Edition, is a further revision of the material which reflects the experience of the contributors with the previous editions. The book has been systematically brought up to date and new sections have been added. It strives to improve the exchange of scientific information among the readers in different disciplines and across different nations. In a rapidly expanding volume of scientific literature where each discipline has a tendency to retreat into its own jargon this book attempts to provide a readable compilation of widely used terms and symbols from many sources together with brief understandable definitions. This is the definitive guide for scientists and organizations working across a multitude of disciplines requiring internationally approved nomenclature.