Microscale Chemistry: Experiments in Miniature Editor: John Skinner

About this book

Developing microscale chemistry experiments, using small quantities of chemicals and simple equipment, has been a recent initiative in the UK. Microscale chemistry experiments have several advantages over conventional experiments: They use small quantities of chemicals and simple equipment which reduces costs; The disposal of chemicals is easier due to the small quantities; Safety hazards are often reduced and many experiments can be done quickly; Using plastic apparatus means glassware breakages are minimised; Practical work is possible outside a laboratory. Microscale Chemistry is a book of such experiments designed for use in schools and colleges, and the ideas behind the experiments in it come from many sources, including chemistry teachers from all around the world. Current trends indicate that with the likelihood of further environmental legislation, the need for microscale chemistry teaching techniques and experiments is likely to grow. This book should serve as a guide in this process.

Book content

  • Foreword
  • Introduction to Microscale Chemistry
  • Background
  • Historical Developments
  • Other Developments
  • List of Experiments
  • Safety
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • Apparatus and Techniques for Microscale Chemistry
  • Student Worksheets
  • Teacher's Guide.
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01 Jan 1998
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