In Search of More Solutions: More Ideas for Problem Solving Activities Editor: Janet Taylor

About this book

In Search of More Solutions provides material for chemical "egg race" competitions that help to put the fun back into chemistry, and gives students that "little bit extra" to motivate them to follow a scientific or technical career. Aimed at those following post-16 chemistry courses, the book encourages students to design their own experiments in relation to the tasks set, and as they overcome the obstacles within the tasks, their inventiveness and enthusiasm flourishes. Fifty activities are described, providing students with opportunities to develop their problem-solving skills and teachers with ideas for assignments and investigations. The tasks set in this book have been trialled in schools and colleges around the UK.

Book content

  • Index of activities with brief descriptors
  • Index of activities grouped by general contexts
  • Index of activities grouped by topics
  • Safety
  • Risk assessment pro forma
  • Junk list
  • The activities
  • Teacher's guide.
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01 Jan 1995
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