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Synthetic Methods in Organic Electronic and Photonic Materials: A Practical Guide Authors: Timothy Parker, Seth Marder

About this book

With the development of courses on materials synthesis and the need to carry out specific chemical transformations in the laboratory, good practical advice will be needed for those requiring more detail on conjugated materials synthesis. The purpose of this book is to give researchers and students an introduction and reference that efficiently provides general information for each important synthetic method category and a number of examples from the literature to convey practically important variations. It is useful as an outline for advanced organic and materials science courses as well as a good introduction and desk reference for new and experienced researchers in the field.

Book content

  • Introduction
  • Changing Material Properties
  • Donors
  • Creating Conjugation: Functionalization and Alkenes
  • Creating Conjugation: Organometallic Coupling
  • Acceptors
  • Polymerization
  • Functional Intermediates

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This book contains 296 pages.

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Print publication date
04 Aug 2015
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