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Food Microbiology: Edition 4 Authors: Martin Adams, Maurice O Moss, Peter McClure

About this book

Food Microbiology by Adams and Moss has been a popular textbook since it was first published in 1995. Now in its fourth edition, Peter McClure joins the highly successful authorship in order to bring the book right up to date.

Maintaining its general structure and philosophy to encompass modern food microbiology, this new edition provides updated and revised individual chapters and uses new examples to illustrate incidents with particular attention being paid to images. Thorough and accessible, it is designed for students in the biological sciences, biotechnology and food science as well as a valuable resource for researchers, teachers and practising food microbiologists.

Book content

  • The Scope of Food Microbiology
  • Micro-organisms and Food Materials
  • Factors Affecting the Growth and Survival of Micro-organisms in Foods
  • The Microbiology of Food Preservation
  • Microbiology of Primary Food Commodities
  • Food Microbiology and Public Health
  • Bacterial Agents of Foodborne Illness
  • Non-bacterial Agents of Foodborne Illness
  • Fermented and Microbial Foods
  • Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods
  • Controlling the Microbiological Quality of Foods
  • Further Reading
  • Subject Index.

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This book contains 562 pages.

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18 Nov 2015
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