Nanodiamond Editor: Oliver A Williams

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18 Mar 2014
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About this book

The exceptional mechanical, optical, surface and biocompatibility properties of nanodiamond have gained it much interest. Exhibiting the outstanding bulk properties of diamond at the nanoscale in the form of a film or small particle makes it an inexpensive alternative for many applications.

Nanodiamond is the first comprehensive book on the subject. The book reviews the state of the art of nanodiamond films and particles covering the fundamentals of growth, purification and spectroscopy and some of its diverse applications such as MEMS, drug delivery and biomarkers and biosensing. Specific chapters include the theory of nanodiamond, diamond nucleation, low temperature growth, diamond nanowires, electrochemistry of nanodiamond, nanodiamond flexible implants, and cell labelling with nanodiamond particles.

Edited by a leading expert in nanodiamonds, this is the perfect resource for those new to, and active in, nanodiamond research and those interested in its applications.

Author information

Oliver A. Williams received his PhD on the electronic properties of diamond from the University College London, UK. He then moved to the Argonne National Laboratory, USA to work on nanocrystalline diamond. Following this he worked for the Institute for Materials Research in Belgium, an affiliated lab of IMEC vzw and then received the Fraunhofer Attract award at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Research in Freiburg to develop MEMS structures from nanocrystalline diamond before moving to Cardiff University as a Reader in Experimental Physics focusing on the growth and applications of nanodiamond.