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Brewing: Edition 2 Author: Ian Hornsey

About this book

It is believed that beer has been produced, in some form, for thousands of years - the ancient Egyptians being one civilization with a knowledge of the fermentation process. Beer production has seen many changes over the centuries, and Brewing, Second Edition brings the reader right up to date with the advances in the last decade. Covering the various stages of beer production, reference is also made to microbiology within the brewery and some pointers to research on the topic are given. Written by a recently retired brewer, this book will appeal to all beer-lovers, but particularly those within the industry who wish to understand the processes, and will be relevant to students of food or biological sciences.

Book content

  • Historical Material
  • Barley and Malt
  • Hops
  • The Brewhouse
  • Fermentation
  • Beer post-fermentation
  • The Brewery Laboratory
  • Subject Index.

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This book contains 332 pages.

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Print publication date
05 Jul 2013
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