Electrochemistry: Volume 12 Editors: Jay D Wadhawan, Richard G Compton

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05 Dec 2013
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Approaching the literature in a subject such as electrochemistry can be daunting. Specialist Periodical Reports present comprehensive and critical reviews of the current literature, with contributions from across the globe, providing the reader with an informed digest of the most important research currently carried out in the field. Re-launched in 2012 with a new editorial team (Compton and Wadhawan), this latest volume covers a broad range of topics, all with an emphasis on the nano aspects of electrochemistry. Aside from the applied chapters, contributions have also been submitted which examine eletrochemistry in specific regions; China and India are covered in this volume.

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SPR - Electrochemistry

Author information

Professor Richard Compton leads the Electrochemistry Group at the University of Oxford. The author of several textbooks, Professor Compton lectures in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry laboratory at Oxford. Dr Jay D Wadhawan is a lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Hull. His research interests include molecular electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry and liquid:liquid electrochemistry.