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Electrospinning: Principles, Practice and Possibilities Editor: Geoffrey R Mitchell

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This book contains 288 pages.

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20 May 2015
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About this book

Electrospinning techniques are used to produce novel nanoscale fibrous materials used in a diverse range of applications.

Electrospinning: Principles Practice and Possibilities provides a snapshot of the current cutting edge developments of the field. The first chapter introduces readers to electrospinning, followed by different techniques to prepare fibres such as melt electrospinning and colloidal electrospinning, as well as the properties, structures and uses of the nanofibrous materials in energy applications and regenerative medicine and future directions.

This balanced and authoritative book will appeal to a broad audience of postgraduate students, industrial and academic researchers in the physical and life sciences as well as engineering.

From the book series:
Polymer Chemistry Series