Sustainable Preparation of Metal Nanoparticles: Methods and Applications Editors: Rafael Luque, Rajender S Varma

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13 Nov 2012
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This timely publication bridges and presents the latest trends and updates in three hot topics of current and future society: nanomaterials, energy and environment. It provides the state-of-the-art as well as current challenges and advances in the sustainable preparation of metal nanoparticles and their applications. The book fills a critical gap in a multidisciplinary area of high economic, social and environmental importance. Currently, there are no books published that deal with these ever increasing important topics, as most books in this area focus on a particular topic (eg. nanomaterials or catalysis or energy or environment). This is the first multidisciplinary edited book covering the very basics to the more advanced, trendy developments, containing a unique blend of nano, green, renewable and bio.

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Green Chemistry Series

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Dr. Rafael Luque is currently a Ramon y Cajal fellow in the Departamento de QuÝmica Orgßnica of Universidad de Cordoba (UCO) in Spain. He got his Ph.D from Universidad de Cordoba (2002-2005), spending 9 months in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at York University under the supervision of Dr. Duncan Macquarrie. Following a 3 year postdoctoral in the Green Chemistry Centre under the supervision of Prof. James Clark (2005-2008). Dr. Luque is co-author of more than 85 publications (2005-2010, h index= 16), 2 patents, more than 15 book chapters and 80+ international conference contributions. Rajender S. Varma, Ph.D., a former chemistry professor, is a U. S. Environmental Protection Agency chemist in Cincinnati. Dr. Varma spent much of his career working in a number of multi-disciplinary technical programs ranging from natural products chemistry and therapeutics to development of genosensor technology. He also has worked on the development efficient ways to capture mercury from coal-fired power plants and on the development of green chemical protocols using microwaves. More recently, Dr. Varma worked on creating greener production of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for safer applications in chemical catalysis and environmental applications.