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Water Contamination Emergencies: Managing the Threats Editors: Ulrich Borchers, John Gray, K Clive Thompson

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This book contains 250 pages.

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08 Jul 2013
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About this book

How do we assess and manage the actual risks from water contamination? Can we learn from previous experiences? What can be done in future? This book is the proceedings of the fifth conference on this topic and addresses these issues relating to drinking water and drinking water systems. With emphasis on effectively and efficiently managing the risks and threats and sharing experiences, it provides information on successful use of leading-edge technologies and best practice both now and for the future. With contributions from leading scientists and experts in academia and industry it offers a truly international perspective on our ability to deal with water contamination emergencies. Emphasis is given to prevention, strategy and unusual emergency incident situations relating to drinking water. The book will appeal across a diverse group from public health professionals, water companies and water security experts and regulators.

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