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Advances in Dermatological Sciences Editors: Robert Chilcott, Keith R. Brain

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This book contains 500 pages.

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06 Dec 2013
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About this book

Advances in Dermatological Sciences collates major scientific research achievements over the last two years in a diverse range of dermatological research fields. Examples of key topics covered include experimental models, toxicology, regulatory, exposure assessment, therapeutics, cosmetics and decontamination. A unique feature of the book is the introductory chapter to each section that is written by an internationally-recognised expert summarising work to date, and explaining how new research contributes to our overall understanding of the skin and where the next major developments are likely to be focussed in the future. Each section contains several experimental research chapters that present contemporary research on 'hot topics' or major advances relevant to the dermatological sciences. The book incorporates a broad range of specialist topics rather than focussing on one single aspect so as to appeal to a broader audience. Thus, the proposed book distills cutting-edge advances across all of the dermatological sciences into one major work and so provide a one-stop portal for accessing the current state of knowledge. It communicates both a readily accessible overview (in the form of introductory chapters) and also detailed, expert contributions. The text is essential reading for interdisciplinary scientists working in dermal pharmacology, dermatological and dermatotoxicological sciences.

From the book series:
Issues in Toxicology

Author information

Professor Robert Chilcott, is Principal Toxicologist at the Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division of the Health Protection Agency, UK. He has over 17 years' experience of conducting, reporting and managing dermatological research. He has previously edited a textbook ("principles and practice of skin toxicology") and has published a number of book chapters and scientific papers. Dr. Keith Brain has over 30 years' experience in the field of dermatological sciences in academia and industry, and has authored and edited a large number of books, book chapters and scientific papers in the field.