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NanoFormulation Editors: Gordon Tiddy, Reginald Tan

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This book contains 282 pages.

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04 Apr 2012
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About this book

This book is as a result of the conference NanoFormulation 2011 held in Singapore as part of the ICMAT group of symposia. It covers advances in research, development and applications of innovative formulation technologies where nanomaterials play an essential role. With contributions from leading researchers and practitioners worldwide, the book is essential reading for scientists interested in the area of the nanoscale in formulations. Topics covered in the book include formulation of nano-biomaterials, handling and processing of nanopowders, processing and stabilisation of nanoparticle suspensions, physical chemistry at the nanoscale, smart and functional materials in formulations eg coatings, films and tapes and safety and health effects of nanoscale materials.

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