Kinase Drug Discovery Editors: Richard A Ward, Frederick Goldberg

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06 Dec 2011
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Kinase inhibition remains an area of significant interest across academia and in the pharmaceutical industry. There are now many marketed drugs which target kinases and a significant number of compounds are currently in various stages of clinical development. Although there have been a number of publications on kinase inhibition, this is the first to examine the future opportunities and challenges in targeting this important family of enzymes. The book is forward-looking and focuses on a number of key areas for kinase inhibition over the coming years.

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Drug Discovery

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Richard A Ward and Frederick W Goldberg have both been working at AstraZeneca in Alderley Park for over 5 years. Richard Ward is a Computational Chemist and Frederick Goldberg is a Medicinal Chemist. They have worked on a significant number of kinase projects and are named on various kinase-related papers and patents and have both presented externally on the subject.