Neglected Diseases and Drug Discovery Editors: Michael J Palmer, Timothy N.C. Wells

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04 Nov 2011
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There are about 8 million deaths each year from neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in the underdeveloped world, whilst drug discovery focus and practice is only recently taking on greater urgency and embracing the latest technologies. This unique book is a state of the art review of drug discovery in respect of NTDs and highlights best practice to guide the ongoing drug discovery effort and also to raise debate and awareness in areas that remain highly neglected. All the major diseases such as malaria, trypanosomatids and TB are covered, with a review of each disease and established compounds, new mechanistic classes and new horizons. Each chapter highlights the key science that has led to breakthroughs, with detailed assessment of the key medicinal chemistry involved, and critical appraisal of new emerging approaches. Later chapters highlight under publicized disease areas where the medical needs are neglected and research is very limited, to raise awareness. The editors, acknowledged experts in the field, have a wealth of experience in successful drug discovery practice and tropical diseases.

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Michael J Palmer is a Senior Principal Scientist at Pfizer. He has worldwide medicinal chemistry and drug discovery based experience across many different therapeutic areas. He is a member of the drug discovery teams responsible for carduraTM, additional cardiovascular agents that progressed to man, and cardiovascular and antiviral agents in Phase I and II stages of development. Timothy NC Wells is Chief Scientific Officer at Medicines for Malaria Venture, Geneva, Switzerland.