Alcohol and its Role in the Evolution of Human Society Author: Ian S Hornsey

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Archaelogists and anthropologists (especially ethnologists) have for many years realised that man's ingestion of alcoholic beverages may well have played a significant part in his transition from hunter-gatherer to agriculturalist. This unique book provides a scientific text on the subject of 'ethanol' that also aims to include material designed to show 'non-scientists' what fermentation is all about. Conversely, scientists may well be surprised to find the extent to which ethanol has played a part in evolution and civilisation of our species.

Book content

  • The outline history of fermented beverages
  • Yeast structure and molecular biology
  • The process of fermentation
  • 'Mainstream' beverages
  • Indigenous fermentations
  • Anthropological, archaeological, and sociological perspectives
  • Ethanol and the body
  • Health aspects of alcoholic beverages
  • Appendix: The physicochemistry of ethanol.

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25 Apr 2012
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Following a successful career in academia as a Senior Lecturer and Head of Microbiology at Anglia Ruskin University, Ian Hornsey decided to concentrate on brewing. He co-founded and directed the Nethergate Brewery from 1985 until in 1999 oral cancer forced him to retire and take to writing about the science behind the brewing industry. Now a regular contributor to The Brewer & Distiller International, What's Brewing, and other trade publications, he has also written several best selling books.