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Microwave Induced Plasma Analytical Spectrometry Authors: Krzysztof J. Jankowski, Edward Reszke

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This book contains 262 pages.

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24 Nov 2010
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About this book

Microwave induced plasma has evolved considerably over the last two decades as an excitation source for optical emission spectrometric and as an ionization source for mass spectrometric techniques. These efforts have led to a better understanding of the basic science of the MIP-based techniques and have stimulated the need for the publication of comprehensive reference books on the theory and practices of the field, providing analytical spectroscopists with an integrated guide on how to apply these new techniques in the most effective manner. This book is the most comprehensive recent publication on MIPs, consisting of 13 chapters, primarily involving the fundamentals, the instrumentation, and the methodologies of MIP-OES. Considerable experimental and fundamental emphasis is placed on the plasma generation as well as the experimental aspects of sample introduction in MIP spectrometry. The book firstly outlines the generation and operation of MIP discharges, and presents briefly the principles of MIP-based techniques currently in use, along with their potential benefits and limitations. It then addresses the art and science of microwave plasma generation and highlights very recent advances in the field, presenting both the fundamental properties and the design details of new microwave plasma sources. Analytical characteristics and novel applications of MIP-OES for a wide variety of sample types are also reviewed. This book is aimed at academics and postgraduates embarking on work in the field of MIP source spectrometry, ICP/MIP users, analysts and research groups who want to configure their own plasma spectrometry setup, and manufacturers of plasma spectrometers and MIP devices.

Author information

Krzysztof Jankowski is Associate Professor in the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Warsaw, Poland. He received his MSc and PhD from the Warsaw University of Technology and was awarded his DSc by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for his thesis entitled "Microwave induced plasma as an excitation source for spectrochemical analysis. Characterization and application" in 2003. Prior to that, he was a Senior Scientist in Analab Ltd., a manufacturer of MIP-OES instruments, and subsequently a manager of 3 research projects concerning analytical applications of microwave induced plasma. He was also manager of the research & development project granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2007-2008 entitled: "Stable helium MIP as an excitation source for optical emission spectrometry and an ionization source for mass spectrometry". His scientific interests include: microwave plasma sources for spectrochemistry; sample introduction techniques for plasma spectrometry; plasma diagnostics; analytical applications of plasma spectrometric techniques and process analytical chemistry. He has also had 1 book published, and over 30 papers, most of which are related to microwave induced plasma developments, over 70 lectures and conference contributions, and 10 patents on microwave plasma sources, sample introduction devices, analytical procedures and chemical synthesis. Edward Reszke is owner of Ertec-Poland - a Polish microwave Hi-Tech company www.ertec.pl. After studying at the Department of Electronics in Wroclaw Technical University, he became a researcher in chemistry (microwave plasma cavities) at the University of Massachusetts, a researcher in plasma chemistry and technology (plasma equipment optimization) at the Universite de Sherbrooke (Quebec,Canada) and then Visiting Professor at Eigenossische Technische Hochschule and Universitat in Zurich. He was the chief designer of the first Polish microwave equipment for analytical chemistry, pharmacy and medicine and co-creator of the highly ranked position of Poland in the field of applications of microwave energy in analytical chemistry, chemical synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds and medicine. He is a well recognized expert in the field of microwave equipment including microwave plasma cavities and constructor and manufacturer of microwave plasma sources used by researchers. He is also the author and co-author of over 100 technical publications, including more than 45 patent applications in different branches of electronic engineering, microwave power, microwave powered chemical reactors and plasma devices. In 2008 three patent disclosures related to microwave plasma cavities were registered in the Patent Office.