Metallic and Molecular Interactions in Nanometer Layers, Pores and Particles: New Findings at the Yoctolitre Level Authors: Jurgen-Hinrich Fuhrhop, Tianyu Wang

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28 Oct 2009
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Nanochemistry offers the unique chance to work with almost all the elements of the periodic system to try to solve problems with new materials in architecture, medicine and electronics. This book draws together the published material on nanochemistry from 2005-2008, choosing each important element of the periodic table, summarising relevant general properties and then detailing the findings. Coverage is aimed at materials researchers and the authors intend to bring the reader up-to-date with information which could alter the use of materials in an industry setting.

Author information

Professor Dr Jurgen Fuhrhop is at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Freie Universitõt Berlin, Germany. He has written six books on Bioorganische Chemie (1983), Organic Synthesis (1994, 2003), Chemie f³r Mediziner (1994), Membranes and Molecular Assemblies (1995), Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry of Natural Products and their Model Compounds (2000), Sieben Molek³le (2009) as well as more than 200 scientific papers and managed a Sonderforschungsbereich on 'Vectorial Membrane Processes'. Over the course of 35 years, he and his 126 co-workers have contributed to the development of useful models for single steps in biological photosynthesis. Typical scientific subjects were the reactivity and assembly of porphyrins and bolaamphiphiles, spherical and planar monolayer lipid membranes (MLMs), chiral bilayer effects in micellar fibers, long-distance heterodimers and most recently, yoctowells and the sorting of molecules within them. The overall keywords from this research are reversible, noncovalent synthesis or synkinesis of photo- and redox-active systems. Dr Tianyu Wang is at the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China. He completed his PhD degree at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science in 2001 with Professor Jinshi Ma where he was working on porphyrin synthesis. He then carried out postdoctoral research on porphyrin polymers and yoctowells made of bolaamphiphiles in the laboratory of Professor Fuhrhop at the Free University of Berlin. He has since returned to the Chinese Academy of Science where he is currently working in nanochemistry.