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Your Chemical Science Thesis: An introductory guide to writing up your research project Author: Natalie Mansfield

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01 Apr 2008
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About this book

THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD IN PACKS OF TEN ONLY * Writing your thesis will be a major task within your research career. In particular, the Chemical Sciences thesis will generally fit into a certain format and this introductory guide is ideal for anyone currently writing, or about to write, this type of thesis. Divided into six chapters, this no fuss booklet provides an informative step-by-step guide on everything you need to know, from the practicalities of actually getting started, through to completion and submission. The guide follows a logical format and the text itself broken up with helpful nuggets of advice and useful pointers. Practical tips on how best to write up each section of your thesis are offered: asking a "non-science" friend to proof-read your work, ways to improve and revise your text and factors to consider when drawing your diagrams are examples indicative of the type of advice given throughout the text. The guide finishes with a number of useful resources for further guidance, and even points to future employment possibilities after completion of your thesis. Your Chemical Science Thesis: An Introductory Guide to Writing up your Research Project is an excellent, highly informative and well written booklet. Ideal reading for those last steps on your educational pathway. *There is no RSC Membership discount available on this product

Author information

Dr Natalie Mansfield is a Higher Education Specialist with the Royal Society of Chemistry. Dr Mansfield has had many years experience advising higher education students on all aspects of their education. This informative guide, supported by the UK GRAD programme, contains the following six chapters and numerous, complimentary sources of further information.