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Basic Water Treatment: Edition 4 Authors: Chris Binnie, Martin Kimber

About this book

Revised, updated and expanded Basic Water Treatment remains an essential reference on all aspects of water quality and treatment systems. A bestselling text, this book has been written by two of the world’s leading experts in the field and remains the definitive reference for all those involved in water treatment systems.

This widely-accepted introduction and practical guide to water treatment focuses on the issues of most interest to practising engineers, summarising the key issues and criteria in short and accessible sections with additional theory to explain and support the treatment processes considered. The book also presents up-to-date information on UK, European and American water-quality standards, including the 2007 amendments to the English and Welsh drinking water regulations. Expanding further on topics such as membrane processes and water demands, the fourth edition includes a new section on water re-use, and two new chapters on water safety plans and private water supplies.

Basic Water Treatment is an essential resource for water engineers at all levels. Ideal as a textbook for students, a handbook for young engineers or chemists, and an indispensable guide full of practical information for the established practitioner.

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Print publication date: 14 Apr 2009
Copyright year: 2009
Print ISBN: 978-1-84755-878-7