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Air Pollution Editors: Jes Fenger, Chistian J Tjell

About this book

Air pollution is a phenomenon that has increased both in geographical and temporal measure since the start of civilisation. It is therefore a complex problem that covers many subjects. In this book they are treated by a series of experts, whose contributions are edited to form a comprehensive presentation. The individual chapters have their own literature list and can be read separately. The book is first of all intended as a general presentation for university students at graduate level, but civil servants and employees in consulting companies can also use it. The interested layman can benefit from reading the more general chapters.

Book content

  • The Atmosphere and Pollution
  • Sources and Control
  • Processes in the Atmosphere
  • Techniques
  • Impacts
  • Ecology and Legislation and Economy
  • Conclusions
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Print publication date
13 Mar 2009
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