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Soft Nanotechnology: Faraday Discussions No 143

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This book will incorporate aspects of structuring soft-materials at the nanoscale and the incorporation of such materials into actual devices. Soft nanotechnology aims to build on our knowledge of biological systems, by implementing self-assembly and 'wet chemistry' into electronic devices, actuators, fluidics, etc. Understanding, predicting and utilising the rules of self-assembly (be it at solid liquid interfaces, in solution, or in block copolymers) and interface the resulting complex structures in well-defined 2D and 3D arrangements. This timely book will appeal to scientists, researchers and anyone working in this field.

From the book series:
Faraday Discussions

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13 Oct 2009
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Faraday Discussions documents a long-established series of Faraday Discussion meetings which provide a unique international forum for the exchange of views and newly acquired results in developing areas of physical chemistry, biophysical chemistry and chemical physics. The papers presented are published in the Faraday Discussion volume together with a record of the discussion contributions made at the meeting. Faraday Discussions therefore provide an important record of current international knowledge and views in the field concerned. The latest (2012) impact factor of Faraday Discussions is 3.82.