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Water: From Interfaces to the Bulk: Faraday Discussions No 141

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Water is perhaps the most important chemical substance known. Without it, the very existence of life would be questionable. Yet its detailed structure and behaviour in the condensed phase and the interfaces between the condensed phase and its environment remain somewhat controversial. Indeed as ever more sophisticated and novel experimental and theoretical tools are applied to the study of bulk liquid water and ice and its interfaces, it is becoming increasingly clear that this disparate information could heat the debate on the phase and interface behaviour of water rather than cool it! This book plans to achieve a unification of views towards the goal of understanding the microscopic structure and behaviour of condensed phases of water at interfaces and progressing into the bulk.

From the book series:
Faraday Discussions

Book content

  • Ions at Aqueous Interfaces
  • The Surface of Neat Water Is Basic
  • Negative Charges at the Air/water Interface and Their Consequences for Aqueous Wetting Films Containing Surfactants
  • Water-mediated Ordering of Nanoparticles in an Electric Field
  • Ultrafast Phase Transitions in Metastable Water near Liquid Interfaces
  • Hydration Dynamics of Purple Membranes
  • From Shell to Cell: Neutron Scattering Studies of Biological Water Dynamics and Coupling to Activity
  • Time Scales of Water Dynamics at Biological Interfaces: Peptides, Proteins and Cells
  • Structure and Dynamics of Interfacial Water in Model Lung Surfactants
  • The Terahertz Dance of Water with the Proteins: The Effect of Protein Flexibility on the Dynamical Hydration Shell of Ubiquitin
  • Coarse-grained Modeling of the Interface Between Water and Heterogeneous Surfaces
  • Water Growth on Metals and Oxides: Binding, Dissociation and Role of Hydroxyl Groups
  • Order and Disorder in the Wetting Layer on Ru(0001)
  • What Ice Can Teach Us about Water Interactions: A Critical Comparison of the Performance of Different Water Models
  • On Thin Ice: Surface Order and Disorder During Pre-melting
  • Reactivity of Water - Electron Complexes on Crystalline Ice Surfaces
  • “Similarities” Between Confined and Supercooled Water
  • Structural and Mechanical Properties of Glassy Water in Nanoscale Confinement
  • Water Nanodroplets Confined in Zeolite Pores
  • Dynamic Properties of Confined Hydration Layers
  • Study of a Nanoscale Water Cluster by Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Water at an Electrochemical Interface - A Simulation Study.
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31 Jan 2009
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