Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry: Applications and Emerging Technologies Editors: J Grenville Holland, Scott D Tanner

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04 Aug 2003
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This book provides a snapshot of the current state-of-the-art of the understanding of the fundamentals of ICPMS, instrumental development, methods development, spectral interpretation and applications. It covers a diverse range of topics including: bioanalytical applications (immunoassay, state of phosphorylation, metallo-drugs); environmental applications (drinking water, groundwater, seawater, speciation); reaction cells and collision cells (theory and applications); archaeology; laser ablation; isotope ratio analysis; and the performance, characterization and applications of multicollector instruments. Written by international contributors who emphasize their current perceptions and understanding of the subject, Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry: Applications and Emerging Technologies offers a current perspective on elemental analysis by plasma source mass spectrometry that is not to be found elsewhere. Researchers and professionals in many areas will welcome this book, particularly those in the fields of bioanalytical, environmental and geological chemistry.

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