Organic Synthesis: The Science Behind the Art Authors: W A Smit, A F Bochkov, R Caple

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28 May 1998
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The view of organic synthesis as "a concentrated expression of predictive ability and creative capacity" was advocated in the early 1950s. A concise and readable account of the role of synthesis in modern science, Organic Synthesis: The Science Behind the Art presents the general ideology of pursuits in the area of organic synthesis, and examines the methodologies that have evolved in the search for solutions to synthetic problems. This unique book details outstanding achievements of modern organic synthesis, not only for their scientific merits, but also for the aesthetic appeal of the target molecules chosen and the intrinsic beauty of the solutions to the problems posed. By judicious selection of data covering the main areas of synthetic explorations, this book serves to illustrate both the evolution of well-known approaches as well as recently emerged trends most likely to determine the future development of organic synthesis. Special attention is given to the consideration of principles of molecular design in promising and challenging areas of current research. Primarily aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students, Organic Synthesis: The Science Behind the Art will also be of interest to teachers, researchers and anyone requiring an introduction to the problems of organic synthesis.