Biotransformations: A Survey of the Biotransformations of Drugs and Chemicals in Animals Editor: D R Hawkins

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15 Nov 1996
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Now in its seventh outstanding volume, Biotransformations has become established as a unique and important source for those involved in the discovery and development of new compounds. It broadly covers the scientific literature for the period 1987 to 1994. The series provides a complete survey of the biotransformations, in vertebrates, of the following: Pharmaceuticals; agrochemicals; food additives; environmental chemicals; industrial chemicals. Biotransformations provides a ready way of accessing information on the known pathways for the biotransformation of structurally-related compounds. Key functional groups provide an index-related procedure for retrieving information on compounds of interest. A further index allows the retrieval of examples of specific biochemical reactions which may have wider application. Each volume corresponds roughly with the scientific literature published during a calendar year. Each volume contains a review chapter which discusses examples of novel biotransformations, species differences, stereochemical aspects and mechanisms of toxicity associated with specific biotransformations.