Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Editor: Maulin P Shah

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03 Dec 2021
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Many industrial processes use water as a solvent and therefore produce wastewater containing chemicals from that process. The amounts of these chemicals and the types will vary hugely depending on the industry and the processes running and may include things that are hazardous to health or the environment. This makes the treatment of industrial wastewater both extremely important and highly complex. One route for industrial wastewater treatment is the use of bioreactors.

Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater presents a comprehensive overview of the latest advances and trends in the use of bioreactors for treating industrial wastewater. Several different types of bioreactor and their applications are discussed, alongside trends and considerations important in designing bioreactors. Bringing together a wealth of different approaches and voices this book will be a useful resource for anyone working in water treatment or looking at how industrial processes can be made more environmentally friendly.

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