Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials for Environmental Remediation Editors: Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, Pei Sean Goh

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01 Oct 2021
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Functional and structural nanomaterials are emerging materials that display interesting physical and chemical properties because of their size and surface area to volume ratio. Applications for these materials include uses in removing pollutants from the environment. Looking at the current state-of-the-art as well as future trends in the use of nanomaterials for tackling environmental issues this book covers everything from the synthesis and characterisation of these materials to their use in the removal of specific contaminants.

Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials for Environmental Remediation is a useful resource both for nanomaterial scientists interested in the real world application of hybrid nanomaterials and for environmental chemists and environmental engineers interested in novel materials for environmental remediation.

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Chemistry in the Environment

Author information

Ahmad Fauzi Ismail is Professor at Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering UTM. He is the Vice Deputy Chancellor (Research and Innovation) of UTM. His research interest are in development of polymeric, inorganic and novel mixed matrix membranes for water desalination, waste water treatment, gas separation processes, membrane for palm oil refining, photocatalytic membrane for removal of emerging contaminants, development of haemodialysis membrane and polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell applications. He obtained his PhD. in Chemical & Process Engineering in 1997 from University of Strathclyde and MSc. and BSc. from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 1992 and 1989 respectively. He has authored 6 books, 50 book chapters and 4 edited books, 6 Patents granted, 20 Patents pending. His current h-index is 83 with cumulative citations of over 31700.

Goh Pei Sean is an Associate Professor in the School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Her research interests focus on the synthesis of a wide range of nanostructured materials and their composites for membrane-based separation processes. One of the main focuses of her research is the applications of carbon-based nanomaterials and polymeric nanocomposite membranes for acidic gas removal as well as desalination and wastewater treatment. Pei Sean has authored or co-authored more than 150 research papers. She has also contributed 15 book chapters, 1 original book and 1 edited research book. Her research publication has received about 4000 citations and her current Scopus H-index is 32.