Implantable Technologies: Peptides and Small Molecules Drug Delivery Editor: Ved Srivastava

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27 Oct 2021
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Implantable technologies allow for a sustained control over the release of pharmaceuticals into the bloodstream thereby achieving a controlled concentration with the potential to minimise side-effects while increasing patient compliance. Significant progress has been made in various alternative implantable delivery technologies, notably in intraocular and subcutaneous devices. Despite success in research and clinical studies, long-term clinical efficacy may be more limited and different aspects related to drug development and commercialization using these technologies are not well understood or practiced in the commercial setting. This book provides a comprehensive and cohesive picture of the latest in the field while also outlining the opportunities and challenges in implantable technology. Implantable Technologies: Pepties and Biologic Drug Development is an ideal reference for any postgraduate or researcher interested in utilising implantable technologies and novel routes of drug administration. The book will also be of interest to those involved in formulation and clinical application for a wide array of disease areas in addition to more established paradigms such as diabetes and pain management.