Porphyrin-based Supramolecular Architectures: From Hierarchy to Functions Editors: Shengqian Ma, Gaurav Verma

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10 Dec 2021
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About this book

Porphyrin-based Supramolecular Architectures focuses on the most recent developments in the field, emphasizing the cutting-edge research in a diverse range of applications. Designed for readers considering the unprecedented prosperity of porous materials research, chapters will cover both strategies for structure design (such as MOFs and COFs) as well as emerging applications including CO2 fixation, catalysis and photodynamic therapy. With contributions from global experts, this title will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in supramolecular chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organometallic chemistry, solid-state chemistry, catalysis and (porous) materials science.

Author information

Shengqian Ma obtained his B.S. degree from Jilin University, China in 2003, and graduated from Miami University (Ohio) with a Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Hong-Cai Joe Zhou (currently at Texas A&M University) in 2008. After finishing two-year Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at Argonne National Laboratory, he joined the Department of Chemistry at University of South Florida (USF) as an Assistant Professor in August 2010. He was promoted to an Associate Professor with early tenure in 2015 and to a Full Professor in 2018.